Back Rehearsing

Some good news at last. We are back in weekly rehearsal at St George’s Church in our usual formation and with just a few Covid safety precautions in place. New members welcome as we work towards a future concert. We hope this will be as part of the Brighton Fringe in May 2022.

The Lockdown Orchestra

Along with just about everyone else, the Orchestra activities in 2020 have been seriously hampered by the Covid19 pandemic. All our concerts were cancelled along with most of our rehearsals. We have managed just a few socially distanced physical get togethers when we have been allowed to. Most of the year we have been limited to weekly Zoom sessions. Nevertheless, we have not been completely idle and have managed to put together a few videos which have been fun to do. One was made in collaboration with our friends in Germany. Here they are:-


2019 – A busy year

2019 – A Busy Year

The year started with the airing of our performance of ‘the other ocean’ on BBC Radio 3 in January. We were proud of this as the project had been a challenging undertaking for the Making Music Adopt a Composer scheme and was a great achievement for all concerned. Since then we have performed the piece three more times each slightly more strongly than the previous one as we have grown into it.

Once more, we performed a concert in the Brighton Fringe Festival and then, in June, took part in the Making Music event at Brighton library which was great fun and something we hadn’t done before. After this we participated in the annual ‘Paddle Round the Pier’ event playing music on a bus! Our most recent concert was at St Luke’s Church where we received a lot of very positive feedback from the audience.

We move on now with a concert program for 2020 and participation in the Edinburgh BMG Festival. Also planned is an exciting trip to Italy with our German friends, Wanderclub Edelweiss from Dudenhofen.



National BMG Festival in Worthing

National BMG Festival in Worthing

In March 2018 the Orchestra hosted the National BMG Festival in Worthing. The weather was terrible but it didn’t stop everyone who got there from having a good time, including visitors from Holland, Germany and the USA. The weekend included some wonderful performances from professional musicians, workshops, trade stalls and contests. We seemed to end up with our fair share of the cups.

Our next announcement will be about the BMG Festival in Edinburgh next March.

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