Germany 2014

4 Days in Dudenhofen, Germany, May 2014

Twelve hours travelling in a coach is a long time and most of us questioned our sanity in agreeing to such a long trip, but not our fearless leader, Lindsay, nor, I suspect, our driver, Dave.
It proved to be well worthwhile thanks to the hospitality of our wonderful hosts, the Wanderclub Edelweiss, some interesting sightseeing and some inspiring performances at the BDZ Eurofest in Bruchsal.

Features of the trip included
A joint concert with the Wanderclub ending with a joint rendition of their theme tune - Edelweiss.
A retirement home concert
A guided tour of Selingenstadt
A visit to Frankfurt
A party with our hosts
A visit to the opening day of the BDZ Eurofest
A short stop in Ypres on the way home.

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