2014 BMG Rally

The biennial British BMG Rally took place this year in Bristol over the weekend of 14th - 16th March and the orchestra participated once again. We have had a lot of success in the competitions in the past, winning cups for our performances in the main orchestra event and also with various smaller groups.

We returned from the 2014 event as proud winners of the Coronation Trophy for entertainment and runners up in the Federation Cup for Musicianship and the John Alvey Turner Shield for presentation, professionalism and performance. The nine orchestras competing came from all over Britain, including Scotland, London, Devon, Bristol and Birmingham. The standard was very high so we were pleased with our performance of a challenging program :-

Machine II by Oliver Kalberer
Shoreline by Barry Mills
Farthing Down by Eileen Pakenham

Congratulations are due to our two guitarists, Adrian and Paul, who won the Fenton Weill Challenge Cup with a great performance of Sunset Blues.

Our talented musicians took part in various workshops including Brazilian drumming, English dance tunes, bluegrass, advanced mandolin techniques, baroque mandolin, classic banjo, improvisation and Bulgarian folklore music.

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